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All Green Carpet Cleaning is the leading provider for carpet cleaning services in University Place and Seattle. We don’t just offer rug cleaning; we also offer upholstery cleaning services as well as water damage and restoration expertise. We can also clean tile and grout as well as clean out air ducts.

With decades of combined experience at the ready, customers in University Place and Seattle have all come to rely on the services we provide residents. Our reputation is impeccable for carpet cleaning in University Place and Seattle because our technicians not only know how to get the job done, but they can get it done right the first time around.


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Our carpet cleaners use the most advanced cleaning methods as a part of our service, which will not only remove the soil within the fibers of the carpet but also help revive the pristine appearance of your carpet as well. We also offer a number of additional services, such as deodorizer and carpet repair to accompany our cleaning services.

Our trained, insured and certified technicians have been trained to know materials that are difficult to clean, including velvet, ultrasuedes, regular suedes and silk. We also offer services to deodorize the upholstery to keep it smelling as fresh as ever.

We are capable of offer tile cleaning and grout cleaning services using a powerful system mounted on a truck. We can safely clean countertops, showers and flooring surfaces by removing the contaminants and dirt. This also enables us to handle any kind of needs with grout color sealing as well.


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Our specially certified technicians are capable of removing any kind of harmful contaminants from your home. By using our compressor system, exclusively patented and available to All Green Carpet Cleaning, we can pull away pollutants from the air ducts into a filtration system capable of capturing debris that is 1/300th the size of human hair.

In addition to carpet cleaning, we can extract dirt that is hidden from within the depths of wooden floors. We will also provide a detailed cleaning by hand for areas that are normally hard to reach. We offer a final scrub with a machine in order to provide a top coat that shines on the ground.

Drapery cleaning is one of our signature services as well; we’ll remove soil and odors from the draperies without any risk of shrinkage, and we will even hang them back up for you after we’re done.