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Carpets provide comfort, warmth, and ambiance to a home, but in return they take on soil, dust, pet dander, crumbs, and general debris. Regular vacuuming can go a long way in keeping your rugs looking clean, but after a while the ground-in dirt will require professional carpet cleaning Seattle in order to successfully remove it, and to restore your rugs to their optimal condition.

While it may be tempting to handle the cleaning of your carpets on your own, the bit of money you save will, at best, be outweighed by the inconvenience and hassle associated with such an in-depth cleaning job; or at worst, may result in damage to your carpets, particularly if you use harsh cleansers or have delicate carpets that require special care. By investing your money in All Green carpet cleaning SeaTac, Seattle, you’ll be trusting the care of your rugs to the professionals, and can be assured that they will get the job done.


Your SeaTac Carpet Cleaning Professionals

A professional carpet cleaning service in SeaTac, Seattle will have the experience and knowledge required to identify the type of carpets you have in your home, and make recommendations on safe and effective rug cleaning methods. Additionally, these trained professionals have commercially-sized and powered equipment that is capable of large-scale carpet cleaning jobs such as what a two-story house may require. Upholstery cleaning (furniture, drapes, area rugs, etc.) may also be available, and is worth the investment if you would like to improve your home from all angles.

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Our carpet cleaning service in SeaTac, Seattle, can also tackle bigger carpet and upholstery problems, such as carpets that have been damaged by pets, smoke, or flooding. The clean up of water damage and restoration are two additional services offered by carpet cleaning Seattle. While more time and supplies may be necessary to tackle this rug cleaning job, SeaTac carpet cleaning service in Seattle is more than up to the task.

Carpet cleaning should be a part of the regular maintenance you schedule for your home. By having your carpets and upholstery professionally cleaned on a regular basis, you’ll keep your rugs looking their best, and you’ll increase their longevity.