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Unclean carpet can be a health hazard for everyone, but especially for children. However, having your carpets cleaned with toxic chemicals can leave your indoor air even more polluted. There is a solution for carpet cleaning in Sammamish. All Green carpet cleaning service in Sammamish uses environmentally friendly products that leave your carpets fresh and beautiful with no harmful after effects.

There is no such thing as one-size-fits-all carpet or rug cleaning. Different areas become soiled for different reasons. Sections close to the kitchen may have absorbed more cooking oil that in a bedroom, and the area near the outside doors may have more ground-in dirt than in the living room. Each area needs specialized cleaning. One thing that may be in every area is dust mites. Only with deep, professional cleaning can the beauty and hygiene of these areas be preserved.

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Good cleaning methods include a visual inspection, spot cleaning and following the proper procedures. The detergents that are used with the cleaning equipment need to be biodegradable. The rinsing and drying process should leave no residue. You should be completely satisfied when the job is done.

Upholstery cleaning requires technicians who are trained in the care and cleaning of all types of fabrics. Then you can rest assured that your silk covers and polyester upholstery will be treated differently from your leather sofa. Most upholstery needs to be cleaned by hand so that all the folds and creases are reached. The floor under the furniture should be protected during the cleaning process. Furniture also needs to be cleaned with environmentally safe products. There are green stain and soil protection product that can be applied after the cleaning.

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Water damage can quickly develop into a big health hazard that will cause health issues for everyone, especially people with respiratory issues or allergies. Water damage needs restoration as soon as it is seen. It is also wise to have your home or office inspection by a professional because many times the water damage is hidden in walls and floors. Mildew, mold and other microorganisms will start to grow within 48 hours if the moisture is left unattended.

Maintaining clean carpets and furniture not only improves the appearance of your home, it also adds value to your resale price. You can take advantage of an IICRC Certified team to extract water, dirt, mildew, remove odor and sanitize the area all with environmentally safe products.