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Organic Carpet Cleaning in Mountlake Terrace

We at All Green Carpet Cleaning in Seattle can use the power of oxygen to naturally offer carpet cleaning services in Mountlake. We use a patented and exclusive solution for carpet cleaning in Mountlake to powerfully remove all debris and dirt from the fibers of your carpet without leaving behind any sticky residue that would be unsafe for pets and children. What’s more than that is that we employ pile lifting technology that is designed to scrub away stains from the carpet.

This is all thanks to an extraordinary rug cleaning and upholstery cleaning service that our technicians offer, all of whom are more than pleased to provide you with any tips that they can as they wipe away the stains in your carpet. Because we use a low moisture system, we only need an hour to dry away the moisture that does enter the carpet. This means no wet pads and no long waits with wet socks. We also offer water damage and restoration expertise.

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Though you might not yet realize it, having area rugs in your home is the perfect way to both keep your home clean and looking good. They’re capable of giving a room some charm while also protecting the floor it rests upon; essentially, they’re the elegant first line of defense when it comes to carpets. Because they have this double duty service, they often require regular cleanings; without this, they’ll just give a dingy feel to the room.

So what would the best rug cleaning company be able to offer residents in Mountlake? Quality rug cleaning services are obviously a major factor, but you also need to consider how convenient the service is, how much it costs and how quickly the carpet takes to dry from the cleaning. When you want the best in all categories, you’re looking at All Green Carpet Cleaning.

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We only require an hour for the carpet to dry; you have to admit that’s much better than a wet carpet for two days that later can develop into a moldy carpet. With our service and our fast drying, you’ll have no problem enjoying a new clean carpet almost immediately after cleaning has finished.

Low water cleanings are very important to prolonging the life of the carpet as dirty water can become trapped, causing the oils and dirt to return to the surface. Why use excess water when it is not necessary?