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Did you know the average home in America collects over 40 pounds of dust each year? Dust can significantly reduce the indoor air quality found inside your home. Our professional carpet cleaning service in Marysville will use high-quality cleaning equipment to rid your carpets of dust and dirt. Carpet cleaning professionals recommend having your carpets professionally cleaned at least once each year. Regular vacuuming does not completely remove dust and dirt found deep within the carpet’s fibers.

ALL GREEN Carpet Cleaning Marysville services offer benefits such as reducing allergens from your carpets. Many people are allergic to dust and dirt found inside your carpets and upholstery. Clean carpets and upholstery will improve the quality of your indoor air. Upholstery cleaning can be scheduled at the same time as carpet cleaning. Rug cleaning services are also offered by most professional carpet cleaning services.

If you have a plumbing emergency in your basement, kitchen or bathroom, you will find water damage and restoration services ready to help. The water must be removed quickly to avoid further damage to your home. Moist environments can contribute to mold and mildew and affect your indoor air quality. Water penetrates into cracks and crevices creating pockets of trapped saturation that will cause damage and odors.

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Dust mites are a problem in many homes. Their microscopic size make them impossible to detect with the naked eye. They leave behind body fragments and feces that can easily be inhaled when the area is disturbed. Professional steam cleaning your carpets and furniture will get rid of dust mites. They cannot survive the high temperatures of steam cleaning equipment. Regular carpet cleaning will also prevent mold and mildew growth.

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The damp atmosphere becomes a breeding ground for mold and mildew. When you have a water emergency inside your home, you should call the professionals. Most homeowners do not have access to high-quality commercial cleaning equipment. It is important to rid your home of water before major damage occurs. A plumbing emergency can happen at any time of the day or night.

Choose a restoration company that is available at all times. Flooding is a common reason for restoration services. However, appliances such as water heaters and washing machines can wreak havoc in your home. Faulty plumbing problems are another common source for water emergencies. Find a carpet cleaning company that also offers water damage and restoration services.