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Are you tired of the way your carpet looks? Are you in need of a replacement, but can’t afford the cost of new flooring? Perhaps it’s time to consider a professional carpet cleaning. If you have new wall-to-wall carpeting, and want to try and keep it longer than the 8-10 year lifespan that the National Association of Homebuilders suggests, you may want to consider a twice-annual professional cleaning schedule. All Green Carpet Cleaning in Gig Harbor is the right company to help your carpet look and stay looking new.

In the Pacific Northwest, any month of the year can be a good time to call for carpet cleaning, rug cleaning, or upholstery cleaning. However, depending on your needs, different schedules work for different people. For those who have a lot of holiday guests, a winter and summer schedule allows for cleaning before family descends upon you, and again when the spring mud turns to summer dust. For those with recurring stain issues, you may want to consider a spring and fall schedule. This allows for a clean home when the fall and winter rains drive more of your activities indoors, and again when the spring sunshine highlights just where those stains were made.

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Carpet cleaning services in Seattle are good for more than making your carpet look good. For those unfortunate enough to have flooding, All Green can help with water damage and restoration. For those with allergies, particularly to dust, carpet cleaning is a good way to keep mite populations down. We also offer a special dust mite solution that even further keeps mites and the symptoms they cause down. As the Northwest is known for mildew issues as well, carpet cleaning can keep spore populations low and keep your house smelling fresh and clean.

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Though you know if you live in big city areas like Seattle or Portland that good services are plentiful and easy to find, as you move out of the city, the choices become fewer. This is the case if you live across a bridge or ferry route from the larger Puget Sound cities, in places like Gig Harbor, but you shouldn’t have to miss out on big city services just because you choose to live in a smaller town. All Green has a great service range, and is willing to drive further to make sure you get the quality service you deserve. Call us today and see what we can do for you.