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Proper care of a carpet requires regular attention from weekly vacuuming as well as professional rug cleaning each season. A carpet’s longevity depends upon the regular removal of deeply set dirt that works its way into delicate fibers each month. Even if a carpet appears clean on its surface, dirt may remain even with regular vacuuming.

Each time someone steps on a rug that contains deeply embedded dirt, carpet fibers rip and tear, which is a type of permanent damage. Despite higher initial cost, carpets designed as stain-resistant, or which are meant for heavy traffic, will age just as swiftly as less expensive carpeting. Any carpet that receives regular attention from a carpet cleaning service in Bothell will last years longer, and look beautiful for decades instead of just a few years.

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In addition, the upholstery in the home is another place where dirt may lurk, and it’s not uncommon for homeowners to vacuum on a regular basis and forget that the home’s furniture may also require professional upholstery cleaning. Just like a neglected carpet, a nice piece of furniture might suddenly start to show dirt that embedded itself in the upholstery’s fibers and was never properly removed.

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In the event of damage due to flooding or other inclement weather, a professional cleaning company would be the best choice to handle water damage and restoration of carpets. Swift attention to water-damaged carpets is essential to reduce the potential for mold and bacterial growth that may become a health hazard.

When searching for the best carpet cleaning Bothell option, there are a variety of questions to ask to confirm a company’s professional status. A carpet cleaning company should offer non-toxic cleaning options as well as quick and efficient services. Also, ensure that the company utilizes equipment that provides strong cleaning power, yet which isn’t damaging to a delicate carpet.