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If your home is unhealthy, it’s sickness that could compromise the health of you and its inhabitants. Persistent stains in your carpet could promote an unhealthy atmosphere in your home and serve as an indication that flooring may need of professional treatment. Even a relatively healthy looking carpet can harbor remnants of old spills and toxic spores beneath its surface and embedded in its carpet pad.

At All Green Carpet Cleaning service in Tukwila, WA can pick up where spot cleanings and upper-level scrubbing have left off, and lift deep stains from your carpet and its padding underneath. Here’s why you should let us examine your carpet and let us work with you to develop a plan that will restore it to a healthy state:

Your Tukwila Carpet Cleaning Professionals

We’ll provide your carpeted areas with a full analysis to pinpoint the areas that undergo the heaviest amounts of traffic and we’ll target the deep-seeded damage that may have lessened in visibility and odor over time. We’ll also rid your carpet of stains that have taken root at the core of your carpet’s fiber.

Our truck-mounted cleaning system will neutralize toxins down to the depths of your carpet through our non-toxic emulsification solution, granting your carpet a new life and its original luster. Our cleaning solutions also reinforce your carpet with a protective coatings to protect your carpet and your investment into the future.

*From rug and upholstery cleaning to severe water damage and restoration, we’re there when you need us. Regardless of the soiling assault your carpet has undergone due to food spills and pet stains, our focus is on returning your flooring to a hygienic and welcoming state.

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We’ve committed over 60 years to setting the bar in carpet and rug cleanings by applying our professional standards to home in the US, Canada and Thailand. Our international commitment to upholding Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification standards are now available to you in Tukwila. We understand that each home and their carpeted areas are as different as the people who spend their lives treading them, and so we work with your to attune our carpet cleaning services around your needs.

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