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Regular carpet cleaning is vital to the carpet’s lifelong structural integrity. Failure to keep a carpet clean can result in the breakdown of carpet fibers over time and cost money down the road. Regular maintenance not only ensures carpet’s structural integrity, but reduces allergens, dust mites, pet dander and other substances that are problematic for allergies and other conditions. Professional carpet cleaning is important to rid of these substances that can lower one’s quality of life.

All Green Carpet Cleaning service in Everett uses a bio-clean approach, which is important to maintaining clean carpet. Not only does carpet cleaning rude allergens within the carpet and keep it looking beautiful, it helps to manage indoor air quality as well. Although at-home methods for carpet cleaning may improve the look of carpet, without the use of professional equipment and expertise in the field, carpet cleaning done at home can cause more harm than good. For instance, All Green Carpet Cleaning’s approach extracts up to 95 percent of the water used for cleaning and safely removes all residue avoiding further soils to adhering to carpet fibers. At-home methods of carpet cleaning can result in water damage and restoration will become necessary.

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All Green Carpet Cleaning not only cleans carpet, but does upholstery cleaning as well. Upholstery can be extremely problematic to clean when using at-home methods. Powerful, professional equipment and powerful solutions are used to effectively treat stains, remove dirt and other debris and water is efficiently extracted to preserve furniture.

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All Green Carpet Cleaning’s trained eyes, years of expertise and skill in the industry thoroughly inspect carpet, use appropriate methods for extraction and keep cleaning times down to a minimum. Depending upon the room, each room should take approximately 20 minutes of time and drying time takes between four and eight hours; however, it is safe to walk on as no chemicals or residue is left behind.

With regular rug cleaning, carpet should last anywhere between 10 and 15 years. Give All Green Carpet Cleaning a call to improve your carpet and air quality and protect family and visitors from allergies today.