Oriental Rug Different Fabrics

Seattle’s Green Carpet Cleaning
for Oriental Rugs and Carpets


The term “Oriental rug” is often used as a generic label for patterned carpeting. Furniture stores, carpet dealers and even home improvement retailers sell a mix of machine-made and hand-made rugs that they advertise as “Oriental rugs.” Genuine Oriental rugs use the weaving techniques of the Middle East or Far East. These piled or flat-woven fabrics are painstakingly hand-knotted in traditional patterns.

Whether or not an Oriental rug is genuine, it requires professional cleaning from time to time to remove dirt and restore texture. All Green Carpet Cleaning, a carpet cleaning service in Seattle, Washington, specializes in rug and carpet cleaning with gentle “green” solutions. All of their products are biodegradable, renewable surfactants, from detergents to wetting agents to foaming agents. None of them contain alcohols, glycol ethers, terpenes or other solvents.

Green Rug Cleaning In Seattle

Green cleaning products are non-toxic products with no known carcinogens. Because they contain no added dyes or fragrances, they are ideal for homes where people live with allergies or chemical sensitivities. All Green Carpet Cleaning uses them for Oriental rugs, furniture upholstery, wall hangings and more.

This carpet cleaning Seattle company uses a multi-step cleaning process. Their in-plant process includes rug dusting and vacuuming to remove embedded dirt, pre-treating and shampooing, hand cleaning, fringe bleaching, steam cleaning, rinsing and water extraction, controlled speed drying and gentle grooming.

All Green Carpet Cleaning cleans all types of rugs: Oriental rugs, Navajo rugs, silk rugs and more. These specialty rugs vary greatly in their fibers, dyes and construction. All Green Carpet Cleaning understands these differences. They use a cutting-edge, in-plant cleaning process for all rug cleaning needs.


All Green Carpet Cleaning Services

In addition to area rug cleaning, this carpet cleaning service in Seattle offers upholstery cleaning. They also clean hand-made and machine-made tapestries and wall hangings. Gentle cleaning solutions and hand-grooming ensure that all rugs, tapestries and upholsteries receive the attention and care they deserve.

All Green Carpet Cleaning Seattle also offers water damage and restoration services for rugs and carpets. Their trained professionals can restore damaged surfaces to their pre-loss condition. Their air movers and other special instruments ensure that rugs and carpets are thoroughly dry and free of mold and mildew.

Vacuuming serves a purpose in basic household cleaning. However, Oriental rugs and other specialty carpets require the special attention and care that they can only receive in the hands of a professional cleaning service. For the best green carpet cleaning in Seattle, Washington, more residents choose All Green Carpet Cleaning. The company provides free in-home estimates and a pick-up service, and a thorough pre-inspection determines the best cleaning methods possible.