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Seattle Rug Cleaning


Searching for rug cleaning services can be tedious and time consuming. Take comfort in the fact that you have found the most reputable Seattle rug cleaning service in the area. Our company strives to offer superior customer service and satisfaction as well as exceptionally cleaned rugs that will exceed your expectations. Don’t waste time and money trying to take on this burdensome task yourself. Let us handle your entire rug cleaning needs!

Oriental rug cleaning service

Rugs have just as much grime and debris tracked in on them as your carpeting does. Having your rugs cleaned also comes with fear for the delicacy of the fibers and quite often fragile material that is used for these decorative pieces. Your rug can be in no better hands than ours. We understand how important your items are, and take the utmost amount of care with them. Our cleaning solution in no way harms your rugs, only leaving them free of stains and odors. We are experienced in cleaning the most delicate of rugs of any size or material.


Rug stain Cleaning service in Seattle

Like carpeting, particles will settle at the very bottom of the fibers in your rug, which can seriously damage these fibers, leading to a significantly shortened lifetime for your rug. Vacuuming them can be difficult, leading to unclean or even ruined rugs. Our technicians have been cleaning rugs for years, and will expertly clean your rugs to make them shine once again. The worn in look will fade as the fibers come back to life, leaving you with that fluffed, luscious rug you remember!

Our Seattle rug cleaning service is the most qualified in the area to take care of your rug cleaning needs. Every employee has been trained and certified to take care of all of the rug cleaning services that you require. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. Don’t hesitate to call now for an appointment!