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Our Seattle carpet cleaning company has numerous services to offer you to give you peace of mind when it comes to your rug cleaning needs. Our technicians provide the best care your carpets can receive and your satisfaction is guaranteed! From delicate upholstery cleaning to water damage restoration, we are the best and most experienced company in our field.

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We Provide Professional Cleaning Services

Having carpet-cleaning services performed on your home not only saves you time, but also money. Spot cleaning with a water bottle and numerous store bought carpet cleaners will never reach deep enough to provide you with a long lasting fresh, clean carpet. Our Seattle rug cleaning services removes any grime buildup, dirt, mud, allergens and other particles that can settle in the fine fibers of your carpeting. Our Seattle carpet cleaning crew will take special care to make sure we leave your home with rugs that look brand new.

Not only does your carpeting receive a lot of traffic, but your sofas, armchairs, and other upholstered items in your home see day-to-day use. Our Seattle upholstery cleaning service you the tune-up your furniture needs. We provide an upholstery cleaning service

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Another service we offer our customers is water damage restoration. We have the equipment and years of experience to handle areas in your home that were flooded or damaged by water. Water damage can lead to fungi, bacteria, mildew and other threatening germs. Our professional Seattle water damage restoration staff is well equipped to handle this threat for you.

There is no other Seattle rug cleaning service to turn to for professional cleaning services. Our company strives to provide you with the best carpeting cleaning experience. We will get your home looking pristine once again.


Awesome Cleaning Services

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It only takes one busted water pipe to destroy a lifetime of memories. I’ll never forget the look on my wife’s face when we came home from our vacation to find our house and all our belongings submerged in water. I remember when I first purchased the house. Back then, there wasn’t anything that could really be done for water damage, and I thought that still held true. But while our insurance agent was inspecting the damage he recommended we call these guys right away. I had my reservations, but we were desperate. They were kind, courteous and professional. They brought in an industrial sized dehumidifier that sucked all the moisture out of the air. They removed the baseboards in our walls and drilled small holes at the bottom where they pumped high-speed air. I don’t know how much money it would have cost to replace those walls and luckily, I will never find out. They brought in specially trained technicians with infrared equipment to look through our support beams and treat the water damage there. The whole process only took a few days and I was amazed at how much they were able to restore. They truly worked miracles; it was almost as if there had been no water damage at all.

Fabulous Experience

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For those of you who have yet to have your carpets cleaned by these guys, let me tell you what is in store for you. First, an educated professional will walk through with you and inspect your furniture, explain to you where your deepest problems are and outline a plan for treating those areas. Then you have to do the work of vacuuming out your own furniture; trust me, it will help these guys serve you better. On the day of the cleaning, they will use chemicals specifically designed to treat the fabric of your furniture and the problems spots. Then they use gentle brushes to groom your furniture and loosen any soiling particles. They then use a soft rinse to extract any deep-seated soil from your furniture. But they don’t stop there, they pH-balance the fabric to restore the luxurious feel that came with it when you first purchased it. After treating any really tough stains, they groom the upholstery again to air it out. After the post-clean grooming, they bring in high velocity fans to ensure a quick and thorough drying. We were enjoying our furniture again that same night, after the technician went through and pointed out all the spots that were removed and made sure we were satisfied. We will definitely be using this service again.

Great Job with Rug Cleaning

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I’m in the real estate business and some people think that houses sell themselves, but trust me, they do not. I was having trouble with one particular property, a beautiful little Tudor that was almost an ideal property except the first floor was almost entirely one room. The previous owners didn’t care for walls and after much renovation, they had this giant space that no one else seemed to care for. I brought in some show furniture, but it still echoed like a warehouse. My friend offered me a beautiful oriental rug, but it was soiled and the tassels were not in great shape. I found these guys in the phone book. I was a little skeptical, but something told me my efforts would pay off. They explained to me that their process consisted of a gentle air dusting, followed by a submersion wash in subtle cleansers, air/water rinsed, then dried in a controlled drying environment. When the rug was completely clean they’d hand it over to their restoration professionals who would meticulously piece together the frayed tassels. I remained cautiously optimistic and I was not disappointed. The dull colors were vivid again; the homely tassels really punctuated the beauty of the rug. I received instant comments on it and a few views later, the house was sold! Thank you for your valuable professionalism.

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